Yoko Scream, Ono Scream, I Scream.

I decided to write few lines about the Yoko Ono’s performance at Glastonbury which was received with laughter and pity. 

This is not a mini essay, this is a note for my memory.

I saw the performance on Youtube and understood why the majority of people found it terrible but I have to say what I saw and heard went a little beyond music and reached such a specific place, a place where most of us never dare to share. Failure.

Let me rewind a bit.

Yoko Ono is been one of the few artist that brought in pop music (mainly through the eyes of her husband) what I would call the primal scream. 

The voice that doesn’t sing, the primal sound that comes from below, a scream so visceral that connects with the most unknown parts of our being.

Sure you heard that scream in rock’n’roll before but it was never really there in when it came to pop music.

John Lennon had that in himself and Yoko Ono played an incredible role in bringing out that side of his voice. And it takes more than courage to do that in your songs, it takes vulnerability.
You can hear that in ‘Mother’ or in ‘Cold Turkey’ and many other John Lennon’s songs.

Yoko Ono screamed like a new born baby at the Glastonbury, her performance wasn’t great but what it matters it was her voice coming from that place. She dared to go to that place.
That’s were I want to look at.

The idea of failure is part of it  and I love that more than a great music performance. The idea of telling a story and tell it all. 

That quality is very rare in pop music or even better, in our lives.

I feel that many of the laughter and derision people gave to her performance was triggered by something that had nothing to do with ‘music standards’ of good and bad. Otherwise it would have passed pretty much unnoticed as many ‘bad’ performance would.

I think that cynical approach It had to do with the fact that none of us dare to share failures and who does get his share of derision.

I don’t think failure is shameful.

What it is shameful is not to try at all.